type: int 
current: 100 
help: Sets stereo device (only possible before app start) 
Usage: r_StereoDevice [0/1/2/3/4] 
0: No stereo support (default) 
1: Frame compatible formats (side-by-side, interlaced, anaglyph) 
2: HDMI 1.4 (PS3 only) 
3: Stereo driver (PC only, NVidia or AMD) 
4: Dualhead (PC only, two projectors or iZ3D screen) 
100: Auto-detect device for platform 

variable: r_StereoFlipEyes DUMPTODISK 
type: int 
current: 0 
help: Flip eyes in stereo mode. 
Usage: r_StereoFlipEyes [0=off/1=on] 
0: don't flip 
1: flip 

variable: r_StereoMode DUMPTODISK 
type: int 
current: 0 
help: Sets stereo rendering mode. 
Usage: r_StereoMode [0=off/1/2] 
1: Dual rendering 
2: Post Stereo 

variable: r_StereoOutput DUMPTODISK 
type: int 
current: 4 
help: Sets stereo output. Output depends on the stereo monitor 
Usage: r_StereoOutput [0=off/1/2/3/4/5/6] 
0: Standard 
1: IZ3D 
2: Checkerboard (not supported on X360) 
3: Above and Below (not supported) 
4: Side by Side 
5: Line by Line (Interlaced) 
6: Anaglyph 

variable: r_StereoSupportAMD REQUIRE_APP_RESTART 
type: int 
current: 0 
help: Disables/Enables [0/1] stereo support on AMD hardware 

r_StereoStrength = 1
This appears to control the amount of depth to a degree. If I set it to .5 I barely have any bars showing when I start messing with the depth wheel. If I set it to something like 2 the bar is maxed out already. Default is 1 (If you take off your glasses and scroll the depth wheel either way, you can see the separation change on your crosshair and some of the near objects but I can't see any change to actual game depth)

r_StereoScreenDist = .25
This is kind of their way of adjusting convergence, at least you will notice it with a weapon held. If I change it to .1 the weapon doesn't stick out so much. Setting it to something like .5 makes it a lot more pronounced. Default is .25

r_StereoEyeDist = .02
Wow, this appears to be a major 3D tweak. The default is .02. Changing it to .1 you can see a big increase in separation to me. The only problem is on either edge of the screen is a weird distortion effect but the 3D looks a whole lot more pronounced when I tweak this. The field range appears to be in a fairly tight range.

variable: g_stereoIronsightEyeDistance
type: float
current: 0.0064
help: Distance of eyes when in ironsight

variable: g_stereoIronsightWeaponDistance
type: float
current: 0.375
help: Distance of convergence plane when in ironsight

variable: hud_stereo_icon_depth_multiplier
type: float
current: 1

variable: hud_stereo_maxDist
type: float
current: 10

variable: hud_stereo_minDist
type: float
current: 0.1

variable: hud_stereo_multiplier
type: float
current: 1

variable: hud_stereo_objective_icon_depth
type: float
current: 500

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